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Entries from October 2007

things I notice

October 22nd, 2007 1 Comment

It’s amazing that it takes us so long to know ourselves. It’s like we need years to see the patterns within ourselves…like the rings of a tree when it’s cut. It took me 19 years to realize that I like art. I walked into my college administration office my junior year of college and changed […]


the greatest movie of all time.

October 20th, 2007 No Comments

Tonight, Disney released to the theaters once again the stunning Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D for a special three week engagement. I went with my family and relished the chance to see it again. It’s pretty much my favorite movie ever. =) Last year (a year to the day….creepy!) my experience with […]


It’s that time of year.

October 13th, 2007 1 Comment

It’s October, 20 days until Halloween, and I am making, making, making! This year I am recreating costumes from Tim Burton’s two stop-motion films, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Corpse Bride. I’m posting my progress on ebay for one of my Emily costumes. It’s going to be a great ten days! umm….make sure that you […]


Fred Astaire bring sexy back

October 10th, 2007 1 Comment

I love Fred Astaire. I found him recently on youtube….and it really made me smile. Enjoy.


I married a man named Garth on a Tuesday.

October 9th, 2007 2 Comments

I know. It’s been a while. There’s no way for me to summarize the last two thrilling, busy, and amazing months in any manner that is fulfilling to me, so I won’t even try. =) What I will do is share the photos with you…I know that I’ve been promising them. =) These are some […]