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Entries from August 2006

It was the first day of school

August 28th, 2006 3 Comments

It’s amazing how quiet 37 students can be on the first day of school. It is probably the easiest teaching day ever. lots more to come love fools, my days are just packed. elle



August 14th, 2006 2 Comments

Yesterday I saw the classroom that I’ll be teaching in this year. It is strange to walk into a completely unfamiliar space, knowing how familiar it will become and how much of my life will be lived there, but feeling seperate from it. I don’t like newness. I’m not much for change. I prefer to […]


Goodbye. again.

August 11th, 2006 1 Comment

Last night was my last night at Red Robin. again. Last time I left I made them this huge Oldenberg-esque stuffed BBQ burger made from my order slips. It is over 4 feet wide and sits atop the revolving doors in the lobby. If you’re ever stopping in to have lunch at the Spokane Valley […]


you’ll be seeing me.

August 9th, 2006 4 Comments

a few art-related notes: I recently purchased a Canon 30D. It’s a digital SLR. It is my first digital camera. I’m in love. I waited to jump onto the digital bandwagon until something moslty afordable came along that could make me feel as comfortable as my handy Canon Elan 7E. I may never shoot with […]


someone help me with my hot dog

August 8th, 2006 3 Comments

I’ve spent my evening, and a greater part of my day, screenprinting 11 shirts with about 24 different screens. Things always take longer than I project. This lengthened-out-red-ink-extravaganza did allow me to watch the commercial for the new Oscar Meyer product several times. Hotdogs. Hotdogs that you can zap in your microwave, bun included. Thank […]


sneak peek

August 3rd, 2006 5 Comments

ok, we’re geeks. We’re making shirts for Stephens wedding. I just finished the design last night. Are the hearts too much? They are going to be printed in red ink on the back of white polos. We are all going to be wearing matching red Dickies shorts. Told ya, geeks.


wooden rollercoasters and temporary tattoos

August 1st, 2006 1 Comment

I took a break today from the upheaval in my life and spent the day at Silverwood with my sister. She is going back to Pullman, Wa tomorrow to keep working on her PharmD. Yes, she is 20 and a graduate student. She’s like wonderwoman; smart, beautiful, and tough. Silverwood is full of fun things […]