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Entries from May 2006


May 29th, 2006 No Comments

I know that I’m different. It must be on my mind lately as I’ve written about it a few times here. I feel normal and right within myself, but I don’t fit in with the rest of the world. I notice things. I see the way that the spily milkshake makes an intersting pattern on […]


Kaitlyn loves her bubbles

May 25th, 2006 No Comments

and Sammy is pretty cute too!


Happy Seven Years Spokane Valley Red Robin!

May 24th, 2006 No Comments

I can’t hardly believe that it was seven years ago that I started working at Red Robin. We opened our doors seven years ago today. I’ve worked there longer than anywhere else, even longer than attending college. Tonight I took the crew these cookie burgers. They are super fun to make! They look really close […]



May 24th, 2006 No Comments

It has been 9 months and 15 days since the California Commision on Teacher Credentialing received my application. Today, I was honored to find that I have successfully jumped through the right hoops and the State of California has found me worthy to teach in their state. My certificate arrived in a large, thin, white […]


worried on my lunch break and Lewis and Clark High School

May 22nd, 2006 No Comments

I’m a substitute teacher. I spend my days in random classrooms across this city handing out worksheets, putting on instructional videos, and mis-pronouncing students names. I understand and embrace the consequences of my position. Students are going to try to sneak out of class. Students are going to call me “Mrs… uh….” Students are going […]



May 21st, 2006 No Comments

I find that people around me define me by what I’m not, and while this may be helpful for them to understand how I am different from them, it really doesn’t say too much about me. The list goes somethinkg like this: I don’t drink, swear, smoke, have sex, watch rated-R movies, eat meat, listen […]


The Bluejackets’ Manual

May 18th, 2006 No Comments

Look! I found the most amazing thing at St Vincent de Paul’s the other day. It’s a Seaman’s manual. I bet that a current version of this is still in use in the Navy, but no doubt it has ben modified and reformed. This version contains references to getting a “square deal” from your superiors, […]


stuck on survive

May 17th, 2006 No Comments

I work too much. I force a smile. I don’t realize until the warm evening sunset hits me that I’ve been coasting all day and out of 362 smiles, only 5 were genuine. This bothers me quite a bit. I don’t want to live a common life. I don’t want this daily routine to dull […]


the perfect ring!

May 16th, 2006 No Comments

Dear man who would like to marry me: I’ll save you the time and effort of asking my siser or best friend. This is the ring that I want you to propose with (in all diamonds though!) I’ve adored it for years- and I think that anything else will dissapoint me. My ring finger is […]


Seduced by the sounds and smells of summer

May 13th, 2006 No Comments

Huckleberry Jet tea. The warmth of the sun on my shoulders. Lilacs. Barking dogs and sprinklers. Blue sky. Deep sighs. Messy hair in my face because the top is down. I feel like I’m waking up. I feel sensation coming back to me after a long nap. Have I been asleep? Have I been in […]